Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What we see | Crop Top


Hi guys :) With this new refresh on my blog, I want to start to talk about what we see the most on the street. So I will start with crop tops. When it showed up, honestly, I thought that it was a little strange and very unique. It's true, it's very unique, because is a piece that is very difficult to wear, not everyone look good with this piece. Now, I'm a lover of this piece. But, although I'm a lover, I don't have  any ... So I bring to you some street styles with this type of piece, and I like to know what you think about it. Have an amazing week

1 comment:

  1. There's no doubt I love the pictures you posted, however, I'm still not very sure about crop tops. If it shows the belly, it's not exactly my taste, however I enjoy them when they are used with something high waist :)